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Beginning with the first herding instinct evaluations January 16, 1997 at End Gate Ranch in Ferris Texas, it became obvious that most herding breeds of dogs have natural herding instinct around livestock and the particular style varies with the breed.

Rather than a "maneuvering" style of herding, the tending group of sheepdogs work in a natural "containment" style to keep the large flock of sheep near the human shepherd as they walk on roads and graze in unfenced fields.

The Lone Star Flock Tending Club (LSFTC) was organized April 23, 2004. The open field tending course for competitive events require more time and space. Therefore, the club evolved after a group of dedicated tending enthusiasts recognized the need for more opportunity to compete and showcase the tending style.

Club meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month.The Board will meet by phone at 6:30 PM followed by the General Club meeting at 7:00 PM. Email notices with time and phone numbers are sent the week prior to the meeting.

Club members actively participate in herding seminars, and training clinics using recognized experts for livestock management. The club members also sponsor information booths and special attractions at various local fairs and dog shows. Several club members also maintain their own stock at various herding facilities in the North Texas region.

All of these activities are designed to:

  • Promote the training of livestock management dogs
  • Disseminate knowledge regarding flock tending training
  • Conduct classes for the training of dogs and handlers
  • Encourage the training of judges
  • Hold and support tending trials, tests, and matches
  • Promote cooperation and good sportsmanship

President:Julie Reconnu
Vice President: Jon Scarr
Secretary/Treasurer: Karen Cook
Board Members: Kayla king,Gregory Gerloff, Rhonda Grubb
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